Bodies have their own light which they consume to live: they burn, they are not lit from the outside.
― Egon Schiele (via classykittenn)
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Everything is going badly because at this moment the morbid conscience has an essential interest in not recovering from its own sickness.
― Antonin Artaud, Van Gogh: The Suicide Provoked by Society (via crematedadolescent)

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"Because ‘the I’ is the miracle of ‘the You’, because the self depends upon the stranger, who is always an other. For are we not strangers to ourselves, do we not, in the deepest reaches of our unconscious, harbor unrecognizable selves?"

Richard Stamelman, “The Graven Silence of Writing,” From the Book to the Book: An Edmond Jabès Reader

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I take great care of myself by carefully shutting myself away.
― Vincent Van Gogh, a letter to his brother, Theo.  (via loieloie)


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